BBQ Contest
voting booth photo

Everyone knows that fire fighters are superb cooks and rumor has it that our police officers are no slouches either when it comes to the BBQ grill. We are going to put them to the test with a BBQ Contest on Saturday May 20th.

The Guns & Hoses Competitors are...

Last years winner was the Milpitas Police Offiers Association, 2016 winners photo can they repeat, does the competition have something new up their sleeve or on their grill to up the ante?

Judging will occur at 2:00 pm by a panel of pre-determined Celebrity judges.

There will be limited tickets available for the public to also judge the entries. These tickets can be purchased at all Ticket Booths. You can sample each of the competitors items and then cast your vote for the one you like best.

The trophy for the Milpitas International BBQ Champion Team will be presented on the Main Stage @ 3:30pm

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